About Us

Our passion is making people feel great with our services, and this is how we got there.

Our vision

Malis Boutique started with the mission to make self-care an everyday luxury in a clean and conscious way. Malis Boutique offers hundreds of beauty products that are nontoxic, clean and UV light free, made right here in the USA.

Our mission

We love making people feel better and beautiful (and we’re pretty good at it). That’s why we wanted a space where you could unwind, relax, and come in for a chat without the fear of being judged. Malis Boutique is an inclusive and relaxing environment without worry.


A clean place

 A beautiful and clean place with nice lounge chairs to sit on.



Simply put, beauty is what we do and what we love. We’re constantly innovating to provide products and services that make a difference because your.


We Care About HYGIENE